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A Gift for the Weekend~

By the request of bitrswtsymphony, I have uploaded the following Gackt songs on YSI. Enjoy!

1. Ares
2. Dybbuk


I also added in this song, because it is the BEST (for me). ^_^

3. Last Song ~ Seventh Night Version

Anyways, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I will be in New York! Tata~
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snagged these too. most of the music by gackt is on (burnt) cds because our last hard drive had a meltdown...oops. and dybbuk is new to me. it definitely wasnt what i was expecting, i think it scares me a little lol. is this a new, more butch version of gakto i am hearing? yikes
You're welcome! ^_^

I like Dybbuk a lot. It's one of my fav. on the Cresent album apart from Last Song. I think with the way Redemption is mixed (You's rapping), I think his next album will have a lot of the Dybbuk feel. * crosses fingers *
The Seventh Night Version von Last Song is absolutely adorable ♥
I know! * cries * ^_^
New York? You lucky bastard. ;__;
* lol * I know... Too bad I couldn't stay longer. It's the first time I went by myself (not on tour).

Thank you thank you for the upload!! Dybbuk is so...raw! Definatly was not expecting that!

thank you for the "gift!" i got some good gifts this weekend, since i also recieved my Moon Child dvd and "Smile" album yesterday ^.^
I recieved my Moon Child dvd, too! ^_^

* lol * I guess Dybbuk isn't what everyone expects, but for some reason I just think it suits. It's was in his Diabolos concert, too! It was the opening song.
Ah so that was the openning? I saw a video of the song being performed - that's a really good opening song!

After listening to it a few times after i downlaoded it, i love it ^.^