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Because, LOVE.

Okay. So, Malice Mizer [marisu miseru] went through four "eras" - Tetsu, Gackt, no vocal, and Klaha. In the Tetsu era, Malice Mizer produced one major album named Memoire in 1994. They also had another mini-album before that, which was Sans Logique in 1993. The following is the YSI link for Sadness from Sans Logique.


In the Gackt era, which is the one I love the most, they produced two major albums. The first is Voyage Sans Retour in 1996, and the second is Merveilles in 1998. They also produced a bunch of singles around this time, and had their Bel Air tv-special. ^_^ The following are the YSI links for N.p.s N.g.s No pains No gains from Voyage as well as Brise, Eege Sugisarischi Kaze to Tomo ni, and Au Revoir from Merveilles. [Because we all know how much I like these songs, no? XD]

N.p.s N.g.s No pains No gains
Eege Sugisarischi Kaze to Tomo ni
Au Revoir

In the no vocal era, I'm not sure what they did, but Kami passed away. T~T Kami's memorial box, called Shinwa, came out in 2000. So, in memory of Kami, the drummer of Malice Mizer and one of Gackt's best friends, I present you with Unmei no Deai from the memorial box.

Unmei no Deai

Finally, we come to the Klaha era. [I still think he sounds similar to Gackt. If I hadn't known that they switched vocals or which song is from which album, I would think it was still Gackt. XD] The major album produced in this era was Bara no Seidou in 2000. They also produced a few singles including Gardenia and Beast of Blood in 2001. I present you with Saikai no Chi Bara from Bara no Seidou and Gardenia.

Saikai no Chi Bara

Well, that's about all the Malice Mizer discography I can tell you about. Columbia released a Malice Mizer limited edition singles collection in 2004, which is sold out at cdjapan. I don't know where else they sell this collection. I have songs from it though. In 2005, Columbia also released a limited edition Merveilles collection. I really want this one! It comes in a beautiful music box playing parts of Bois de Merveilles. It includes the DVD Merveilles L'espace, Merveilles Cinq Parallele, and L'image de Merveilles. It's said to also have original interviews and behind-the-scenes footage. Hmm... I think it also comes with the cd from what I can tell. There's only 10,000 copies distributed! >_< I'm getting this very, very soon! I ordered it on yesasia! ^_^ It shipped out today [22nd]. * finally * ^O^

P.S. Has FFVII come out yet?

P.P.S. I'm listening to Lafflesia from Malice Mizer. It's supposed to be a demo from their 1st anniversary. Does anyone know what the source is? I just happen to have it. Love it! ...Even though it's demo quality. Does anyone want it?
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Download party!!!! Gonna start on this right now.....

Thank you for the mini biography of the band too - my info on them was from all over the place. Snd it's hard to keep track of all the names of singles and such, since it's all in french!

a question though - I thought the "no vocalist" era was just the time where Klaha was doing vocals, but it wasnt an official thing least, that was how i had heard it and understood it.

FFVII is out in Japan. who knows when it will come to America though. Your a final fantasy fan or just curious about it because of Gackt's invovlemnt?
Yeah, my information was from all over the place too. So, it was nice to do this and have all the discography information rolled into one. I do have my songs nicely sorted though, thank God. ^O^ So, what did you think about the songs?

Hmm... I think your right. I might have read something about Klaha being in Malice Mizer during that period, but I'm not sure. I do have a single from Malice Mizer without vocals during that period though, so...? I guess I'll have to find out about it. My Malice Mizer knowledge is getting rusty 'cuz I just haven't been keeping up with my fandom lately. No... Gackt! >_<

I must admit, I'm interested in this because of Gackt. But I liked FFVII way before Gackt, too. I used to go to my friend's house to play, but now I have a reason to actually buy it. XD
I've fallen in love with N.p.s.N.g.s - after Illumanati and Le Ciel, this is my most favorite song i've heard so far from MM.

i have a special love for thier instramentals so Sadness and especially Saikai no Chi Bara (which sounds like a musical story)and Unemi no Deai (forboding sounding) are sweet tracks.

Eege sugisarischi Kaze to Tomo ni is a soothing track (weird to say for a MM song it seams)

Gardina sounds like a hark back to the Gackt era, some of the more poppy MM songs that Gackt sings. He was a good follow up to Gackt, which is a hard act to follow. There is something similar about the two of them, in a sence. you picked some great songs to upload and share - thank you! much apreciated :)
oh yea, forgot about the rest of your post heh -

question, do you know if there are any sites that are prime where one could find out the stories of the FF games in detail? and maybe even have cutscene on line? i've always been intrested in the stories of FF (and know pices of various stories from some of the later games) - they seam so insanly invovled, but i hate RPG's so i refuse to play them....

by the way, i took that demo song - i started laughing when it started. i don't know, the song sounds like it came from a rock band that has some twists in thier music style, just not quite that MM sound yet. Verdic still out on that voice though.

Maybe cuz i'm still distracted by the english in N.p.s.N.g.s..... I love this song!
Did you see the PV for Gardenia before? I really like Mana in his lovely blue. I think it was romantic.

I really like Unmei no Deai, even though it's just an instrumental piece.

I'm not a big FF person. I only played it when my friend had it, and I want Dirge because of Gackt. I like FF though 'cuz it's really beautiful and I like RPGs. XD Squall Leonhart stole my heart!

Lafflesia, I guess, is more like the VK music you would hear nowadays? I don't know. I just like it. XD I'm not as good as expressing my understanding about music as you are.
I'm not sure what i think of that video - but i love the look that Mana has in it. The video as a hole has an intresting feel to it.

lol well, if you do get it, better get the Japanese version, and have someone that his a die hard fan that's gonna take the time to unlock "G", since his presence in the game is super super secrete and hidden (hence his 'secrete ending'). The english version won't have his voice in it, as it will be dubbed over just like everyone else. (unless some random rare off chance they let him do his character's English voice - wouldn't count on that though)

is it? I don't know much about the VK music of today - i'm constantly being hit with the older 'classic' bands like XJapan and such (which i still havn't quite checked out but eventually...).

as long as it means something to you, and you get it, that what ultimatly matters :) I can go on tangents with discriptions, so i'll apologise now if anything in the future gets to crazy for ya to read :)

Deleted comment

Yes, I'm glad Gackt is a solo artist, too. But I'm very happy that he used to be a part of Malice Mizer, because I think that band is wonderful (especially with him in it). ^O^ Klaha is actually really good-looking without make-up! XD So, I agree with you!
;_; for some reason, I don't think that Klaha sounds a bit like Gackt! *laughs* But, it's probably just me. I'm going to snag Gardenia! I've been looking for that song, but haven't been able to find it! Thank you very much. ^---^
You're welcome! I thought that song would be easy to find, but I guess not. ^_^
Haha the Tetsu era was my favorite of Malic Mizer XP He rocked so much XD
Tetsu's voice is definitely different and a lot more hard rock. ^O^
Haha yeah, i'll admit that he wasn't the best vocal XP because he wasn't really that good XD but i'm addicted to the sound of his voice XD

I like most the Malic Mizer though XD they are a great band ^_^
wow, what a great post. i learned alot! i have been interested in malice mizer since i have been a fan of gackt's...which has only been since october, but oh well. i really love gackt's sound when he was with malice mizer, it is so dramatic and compelling. ive never explored malice mizer's work without gackt, so all of these songs are new to me. and i never heard Eege Sugisarischi kaze to tomo ni, either. i am really blow away by all these songs. i would be very interested in the Lafflesia track you have. i actually like demos alot, their roughness lends them a sort of raw charm.
P.S. you rock
Oh~ Well, just thank the fans out there that have perserved all of Malice Mizer's information for us. XD

I'm really blown away by the band, too. * hugs * Here's Lafflesia. I hope you like it! It's Tetsu, I believe? I still don't know where this track is from. T~T

You rock too, hun! ^_^


March 23 2006, 21:06:32 UTC 11 years ago

hey, thanks for the track! i really dig it, im really enjoying MM more and more!
oops. wasnt logged in. that was me, duh lol.