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kowareru made dakishimete...

* update *

Here is the music to go with the lyrics.

* end update *

Title: Future
Album: Diabolos
Lyrics & Composed by: Gackt Camui

Note: I decided to translate this song 'cuz it was my first favourite song on the Diabolos album. That is apart from todokanai... -- the name is still too long to write out in full! Anyways, I translated this song using the chinese translations 'cuz I bought the overseas version. It is by no means a word-for-word translation. I know that a lot of other people already have translated this song, so it's better to get your translations from them. Actually, this is really just for myself to enjoy his words eternally in my own understanding. So, enjoy! ^3^

Reflecting the darkness by the pale moon
The ripples on the surface of the water are the wind's song
Gazing at the repeated wrongdoing of our trail

Reaching out with my finger I end up touching your tears
One day the coming future will gradually be dyed red
"I hope this brief moment can last forever..."
You hold me tightly as I wish upon the star

Doesn't matter how much sorrow we carry
One day we will be rewarded

The unstoppable gear drags us along
The unpredictable time passes too quickly
"If we cannot start over
Then use your hands to end my life..."
You're just gazing into my eyes as I scream into the night sky

The exquisite time-scattered farewell song, I give to you
Whilst I stirr I hope to awake in your arms
"I hope I can meet you once again..."
The pale moon gazes at me as I wish upon the star

Hold me tight...
Tightly embrace me...

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