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Because, LOVE.

Okay. So, Malice Mizer [marisu miseru] went through four "eras" - Tetsu, Gackt, no vocal, and Klaha. In the Tetsu era, Malice Mizer produced one major album named Memoire in 1994. They also had another mini-album before that, which was Sans Logique in 1993. The following is the YSI link for Sadness from Sans Logique.


In the Gackt era, which is the one I love the most, they produced two major albums. The first is Voyage Sans Retour in 1996, and the second is Merveilles in 1998. They also produced a bunch of singles around this time, and had their Bel Air tv-special. ^_^ The following are the YSI links for N.p.s N.g.s No pains No gains from Voyage as well as Brise, Eege Sugisarischi Kaze to Tomo ni, and Au Revoir from Merveilles. [Because we all know how much I like these songs, no? XD]

N.p.s N.g.s No pains No gains
Eege Sugisarischi Kaze to Tomo ni
Au Revoir

In the no vocal era, I'm not sure what they did, but Kami passed away. T~T Kami's memorial box, called Shinwa, came out in 2000. So, in memory of Kami, the drummer of Malice Mizer and one of Gackt's best friends, I present you with Unmei no Deai from the memorial box.

Unmei no Deai

Finally, we come to the Klaha era. [I still think he sounds similar to Gackt. If I hadn't known that they switched vocals or which song is from which album, I would think it was still Gackt. XD] The major album produced in this era was Bara no Seidou in 2000. They also produced a few singles including Gardenia and Beast of Blood in 2001. I present you with Saikai no Chi Bara from Bara no Seidou and Gardenia.

Saikai no Chi Bara

Well, that's about all the Malice Mizer discography I can tell you about. Columbia released a Malice Mizer limited edition singles collection in 2004, which is sold out at cdjapan. I don't know where else they sell this collection. I have songs from it though. In 2005, Columbia also released a limited edition Merveilles collection. I really want this one! It comes in a beautiful music box playing parts of Bois de Merveilles. It includes the DVD Merveilles L'espace, Merveilles Cinq Parallele, and L'image de Merveilles. It's said to also have original interviews and behind-the-scenes footage. Hmm... I think it also comes with the cd from what I can tell. There's only 10,000 copies distributed! >_< I'm getting this very, very soon! I ordered it on yesasia! ^_^ It shipped out today [22nd]. * finally * ^O^

P.S. Has FFVII come out yet?

P.P.S. I'm listening to Lafflesia from Malice Mizer. It's supposed to be a demo from their 1st anniversary. Does anyone know what the source is? I just happen to have it. Love it! ...Even though it's demo quality. Does anyone want it?
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